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Daisy Getting Started Guide

This guide will walk you through getting 16-channel input on your Cyton+Daisy Module


Refer to the Cyton Tutorial page: Cyton Getting Started Guide.

Follow the guide through the end of Step V. CONNECT YOURSELF TO OPENBCI


  1. OpenBCI Daisy Module
  2. Y-Splitter Cable
  3. Electrode cables with female header termination on one end

1. OpenBCI Daisy Module#

2. Y-Splitter Cable#

3. Electrode Cables with female header termination on one end#


1) Attaching the Daisy#

OPTION A) Attach Wifi Shield before attaching Daisy#

If you purchased a Wifi Shield, attach it to the Cyton board, then attach the Daisy module on top of the Wifi Shield, shown below.

The leads are connected to the pins in the same way as if you did not have the Wifi Shield. Skip to step 3 to connect Y-splitter cable.

For more information on powering the Wifi shield, check out the Wifi Getting Started Guide.

OPTION B) Add the Daisy extension directly onto the Cyton Board#

If you are using the OpenBCI USB Dongle, attach the Daisy module on top of the Cyton Board, shown below.

2) Connect Y-Splitter Cable#

The Y-Splitter connects the bottom SRB pin of the Daisy Board to the bottom SRB pin of the Cyton Board. The single end of the Y-Splitter connects to a reference point i.e. the earlobe or mastoid.

3) Connect the bottom BIAS pin of the Cyton to a second reference point#

Usually, the earlobe is used as the reference point, because it has no muscle or neurons and therefore very low electrical signals.

4) Connect Cyton bottom pins N1P-N8P and Daisy bottom pins N1P-N8P to leads#

Use the 16 of the color coded cables that came with your Ultracortex MarkIV headset.

Connect Cyton bottom pins N1P through N8P to the cables, shown above. Then, connect the remaining 8 cables to Daisy bottom pins N1P through N8P. Color order does not matter.

Refer to the Ultracortex Mark IV tutorial to learn how to connect the male terminations of the color coded cables to the electrodes on the headset.

If you did not purchase a headset, you can use 16 of our Gold Cup Electrodes, Snap Electrode Cables, or Header Pin to Touch Proof Electrode Adapter.