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Add Ons

This section summarizes the headwear and electrodes that goes with OpenBCI boards to help gather data.


OpenBCI Headwear is designed to make it simple to obtain high-quality EEG Data. The following documents will teach you about them and explain their setup:

  • Ultracortex Mark IV — The newest 8-16 channel 3D Printable Headset, which includes some made-to-order injection-molded parts
  • Headband Kit — The simple, headband kit for up to 8 channels of EEG data.
  • Gel Electrode Cap — silver-silver chlorde, research-grade EEG electrode cap, for gel-electrode based measurement.
  • Gel-free Electrode Cap - Saline-based, research-grade electrode cap with silver-silver chloride electrodes


OpenBCI offers a wide range of electrodes serving various purposes. See the Electrode Guide to learn more about them.