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Example Projects

The Examples directory to the left contains example projects contributed by members of the OpenBCI Community and team. For even more tutorials, head to the tutorials tag in the Community Page!

EEG Projects and Tutorials

Whether you're new to neurotechnology or conducting research, OpenBCI makes it easy and fun to work with EEG signals. OpenBCI hardware can be used to replicate and expand upon existing EEG paradigms. Below, you will find a few examples from our worldwide Community of scientists and enthusiasts to help you get started controlling computers and robots using the power of your mind.

P300 Example

These projects linked below used the OpenBCI Cyton / CytonDaisy board to sample P300 data.

P300 Speller by UCLA - Uses Cyton and Gel Electrode Cap

Student Club Competition winners, judged on quality of step-by-step documentation and technical output

Older tutorial from 2015

Other relevant links about P300, including datasets

SSVEP Examples

SSVEP-based BCI speller by McGill University - Uses Cyton and Gold Cup Electrodes

SSVEP-based communicator by University of Waterloo - Uses Cyton + Customized Ultracortex

Motor Imagery Controlled Car

Tutorial to control a robotic car using motor imagery - Uses Cyton Board and Ultracortex EEG headset or EEG cap

EMG Projects and Tutorials

We added all-new tutorials for facial, ocular, and limb EMG, as well as expanded our ECG and stand-alone EMG tutorials! OpenBCI documentation is meant to be an actionable jumping-off point for your BCI and bio-sensing exploration.  We look forward to seeing what you create!

Note, the example projects below are written for the Cyton Board but can be applied to Ganglion board as well.

EMG Scrolling

Tutorial for touch-less scrolling with limb EMG

EMG-controlled Stop/Start Music

Tutorial for limb EMG-triggered music playback

EMG-controlled Slideshow

Tutorial for eye, facial, or arm EMG-controlled slideshow

EMG-controlled LED

Tutorial for facial EMG-controlled LEDs

EMG-controlled Chrome Browser Dinosaur Game

Tutorial how to play the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game without touching your laptop, using arm EMG

EMG-controlled Tetris Game

Tutorial to play Tetris using EMG and an OpenBCI board's built-in Accelerometer

EMG-controlled Piano

Tutorial to play the piano using EMG