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Welcome to the OpenBCI Community

Thank you! You represent the heart of OpenBCI. Without your support and belief in the OpenBCI mission, we wouldn't be where we are today.

The OpenBCI Community interface is our latest project. It consists of:

  • The People - you! The people making posts and creating challenges
  • The Feed - where new community posts end up
  • Join - the way to register (send this to your friends)!

After you register and are verified (we must approve your application), your account will be switched from subscriber to contributor. After this, you'll be able to create posts and challenges! Posts appear in the Community Feed, and challenges appear on the Challenges Page. More on this below.

Editing Your Profile

Upon registering, you should have received an email with your Login/Password. If you did not, reach out to me and I’ll help you recover it. To edit your profile:

  1. Go to the OpenBCI Wordpress login & enter your Login/Password
  • Navigate to “Profile” on the left-hand side of the admin page
  • Add any missing information
  • Click the “Save” button to confirm

Note: your profile will not appear on the People Page until you have a first name, last name, and photo. All other info is optional (but encouraged)!

Once you have made an account, reach out to Your account is inactive until an admin "checks off" your account. We’ll make sure your profile is active and set up as a contributor.

Making Posts

Making a post is a great way to share a cool project, tutorial, or research study that you’ve completed. In general, a post should be something finished (a hack, a lesson, a research study with findings, etc.).

Our community page is based on the Wordpress platform. If you’ve used Wordpress before, you’ll feel right at home. If not, no worries—it’s easy! Log in the same way you would to edit your profile. When you log in, the Wordpress admin page should appear with an option to see the Posts section. Click on it and select Add New from the menu. Next, follow this great tutorial on how to write a Wordpress post. You are now ready to start sharing your work!

On The Horizon

The OpenBCI Community interface will be forever under development. We really want your feedback! If you have suggestions, please email

As we move forward, we want to improve the level of interactivity between community members and also provide incentives for posting cool projects and challenges.

In addition, we are thinking about ways to enable you to request and share biodata with other members of the OpenBCI Community. Of course the priority will always be that all data exchanged in this way belongs to the individual who generates the data (first and foremost) and will remain open for others access.

Final Note

The OpenBCI Community is only as strong as its members. We are calling upon you (!) to help us push the OpenBCI mission forward by collaborating with each other and going the extra step to share the work that you do. The more we all contribute and collaborate, the more the community benefits as a whole! Let's see what we can build together!