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General Frequently Asked Questions

What does OpenBCI stand for?#

Open Brain Computer Interface. We believe that science advancements will only—and should only—be made through an open forum of shared knowledge and concerted effort, by people from a variety of backgrounds. We work to harness the power of the open source movement to accelerate ethical innovation of human-computer interface technologies.

Where can find what people have been doing with OpenBCI?#

People working with OpenBCI regularly post about their projects on our Community Page.

See our weekly-updated searchable Citation List, a collection of innovative OpenBCI-based research.

We've been featured in publications such as Nature!

I have a technical question. Who should I contact?#

For technical questions please use our Forum, we maintain them regularly and we will get back to you.

Do you offer consulting or guided research for projects?#

At the moment we do not offer guided research or consulting opportunities.

How do I become an approved OpenBCI Affiliate or Reseller?#

Please email us at asking for our affiliate program!

How can I contact OpenBCI if I have more questions?#

You can email us at